About Cathy

All about Cathy

The who, what, where and why……

  • Who: Cathy Godwin
  • What: Creative Independent Florist
  • Where: Milford, Derbyshire
  • Why: to offer you a cost effective, unique and personal floristry service

When you order from me I want the flowers to reflect your, or the lucky recipient’s personality.

That’s why I won’t ask you to select your flowers from a picture book. And it’s why I’d like to talk to you first, so that I can create unique and exciting arrangements that exceed your expectations.

Coffee, Chat and Fresh Flowers

I’ve been a florist for more than 10 years but traditional florist shops can’t always provide the best service for you. Now I work differently and I make sure everything I do provides a benefit to you.

There are no shop’s overheads and I don’t use flowers that have been lingering for several days at the back. Now I can offer you more time and value for money.

If you’re planning that big event, let’s talk. The best way for me to create your ideal arrangements is for us to sit down and over a coffee, discuss your ideas and make some suggestions. Together we can work wonders.

I buy all your flowers from a local flower-market the day before I deliver them to you. So you’ll not only get the best flowers available, but I’ll make sure they’re presented in the best possible way – wrapped in choice materials that enhance the flowers and make them special.

If I’m providing the flowers for an event, I like to be hands-on, making sure that every stem is in place. Afterwards, I’ll give all the information to need to get the longest vase life from the flowers.

And if you’re worried about the cost… don't be. One of the many benefits of the way I work is in reducing the cost. Why not give me a call; you'll be glad you did.

Cathy 07919 487468